Best Potential Analysis

The need of human resources that are not only reliable and right on the target has been increasing as the growth of the company is increasing at the same time. With the help of our Assessment teams, we would be able to gain the company needs with the recent assessment technology. With this technology we have assisted many companies to hire the right human resources as they needed. Our company has also helped many individuals to find their full potentials and true talents for them to find their own success in their life.

Best Potential Analysis is a program that has been designed to find out an individual’s strength, weakness also to strengthen his/her potential. Maxima Impact Indonesia is providing institutions who are in need to grow their employees potentials to the fullest that would be useful for others. Our company accommodates each of our clients’ needs to know each of personal self and colleagues so that their personal and social life can be maximized. 

Based on Personality and Learning Patterns that we are using, we will be able to understand individual’s characters. The work system of institution can be seen from the role of leaderships, emotions, work ethic, speed of workers, and social skill with our Best Potential Analysis. There are seven strength that can be found through Best Potential Analysis  :

  • Social Skill
  • Influence Skill
  • Performance Skill
  • Contribution Skill
  • Response Skill
  • Communication Skill
  • Motivation Skill

Learning Style is an assessment that can help a person to be able to recognize his learning style so that he can maximize every potential that exists in him.

The benefits of Character Potential and Learning Style for companies include:

  • Knowing the potential and character strengths of each employee.
  • Recognizing work styles, emotional resilience levels, accuracy and even leadership styles at all levels of employees.
  • Superior Human Capital empowerment and achieve maximum success. 

AQ, EQ, IQ dan LQ

IQ (Intelligence Quotient)

The Advantages of IQ Test are;

  • To measure someone’s intelligence 
  • To perceive individual’s potentials that can be developed 
  • To decide the length of employee’s career whether long-term or short-term.
  • To detect all kinds of hurdles that employee’s has that will slow themselves down to grow their potentials

EQ (Emotional Quotient)

EQ is used to measure someone’s capability to take, judge, manage, and control their emotions and the others around them. In this case, emotions are feelings about the information that will be related to something else. The benefits of EQ test :

  • Able to realize about their emotions and control it
  • Adequate to be sensitive about others’ feeling
  • Competent to respond and negotiate with others emotionally
  • Able to use their emotions to motivate themselves

AQ (Adversity Quotient)

Someone’s ability to be able to endure difficulties and to resolve life’s challenges. Adversity quotient can also be called someone’s endurance when facing problems.

LQ (Leadership Quotient)

Management Style Diagnostic Test (MSDT)

The purpose of MSDT is to see the ability or trait of someone’s leadership within organization, such as the potential of leadership styles. This test will know what type of leadership styles that someone has while they are in the selection of management level or above that can be adjusted to the style of leadership of the company vision. The style of leadership can be change during training or whichever aspect that are needed to be upgraded or trained.

Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS)

EPPS is actually a personality test that aims to see the needs of human being. (a list of 15 needs of human). These needs can be used as their motivation to reach their actualization. Within working context, employees’ desires to be an important person will affect their effectiveness and work ethics to how to get their job done, how to communicate with authorities or others within their work environment.