The Construction Game

The Construction Games is a training that uses the “Character Game” method where each participant will play the role he gets. The Construction Games aims to be able to see Critical Thinking, Leadership Skill, Communication Skill, and Teamwork in a person.

The Construction Games will use the background of the 20th century, at a time when the development of builders is very fast, Many construction companies are standing and competing.

The companies will consist of several participants who have been grouped. Each company will be given a certain amount of capital to be developed within 12-15 years of their company journey. (approximately takes 2 – hours)

Within 12 – 15 years of the company’s journey, there will be good economic, political, and situation news that will make every company have to be able to think and make decisions.

Parts of the company: Director, Finance, Purchasing, Production, Negotiator, Sales

Each company will have several chunks of time. There will be time for discussion together and there will be private time to carry out each other’s duties.

Each division must collect information and share information with each member of the company, so that the company can make the best and most profitable decisions. At the end of the game all buildings and money owned by each company will be taken into account, except for the remaining raw materials. The company that gets the most wealth will be judged as the company that wins this game.