About Maxima Impact Indonesia

A Professional


Maximize the POTENTIAL of human resources into a COMPETENCY that benefits the people around them

We are expert in creating the mindset of professional human resource that would excel at their career by considering future challenges and competition in their representative field. The quality that we’re looking for is not just technical competence, but also their soft skill areas that include character, self-potential, and team development. We provide a new and refreshing method to break through the old ways of human resource training in order to produce individuals that will surpass the wanted criteria. Effective skills and mental training in the human resource field is highly needed; through a short or long period of process. Through the training experience, the participants will receive and learn new values that are essential for their work implementation. We also prioritize Service Excellence to ensure maximal effort to give the best service for our clients. By using the Experiential Learning method implemented in every module that we provided, the participants will experience various challenges, simulations, and experiences throughout the process to adopt the best values to maximize their potential in life.












Training Method

Discovery Learning

Participants will be learning through pro-active trainings, games, and simulations.

Meaningful Learning

Through the training atmosphere and rules implemented, the participants will seek for meaning and message that would impact their mindset for the better.

Transformational Learning

The participants will be introduced to paradign shift that will bring positive changes in their attitude, mindset, life principal.

Active Interactive

Throughout the process, the participants will also enjoy various fun discussion and Q&A sessions that will train them to be actively involved in interactions with the instructor, other participants, and within a group.